About hotel

VIP level comfort

An exquisite business-class hotel in a picturesque area of ​​Odessa.

Ribas Rooms Odesa is a refined and modern business class hotel. The Hotel is suitable for both families and business travelers.

The Hotel is very comfortable and cozy, modern style of the interior will definitely please you! Only natural materials, stone, marble and wood are used in decoration. Absolutely all the furniture is custom-made and designed with maximum comfort for the Guests. Without leaving the complex, there is an opportunity to taste the restaurant «Ribas Rooms Odesa» with delicious European cuisine.

Business class hotel is located in a picturesque, quiet place of Odessa, near the resort area of the city – Arcadia


Electro Cars Charging

Near Arcadia


Free parking

Laundry, ironing, dry cleaning


Prices start at: 900 грн per night

Prices start at: 1,000 грн per night

Prices start at: 1,150 грн per night

Prices start at: 1,200 грн per night

Prices start at: 1,350 грн per night